5 Reasons to Pair Your Aluminium Joinery with an Aluminium Front Door

aluminium doors tauranga
October 4, 2022

Aluminium is the superior option for your house’s joinery – it’s robust and attractive, innovative and versatile. But did you know it’s also a great material for your front door? Read on to discover five reasons why your entire entranceway would benefit from being made of aluminium.


If you want an entranceway that is safe and secure, an aluminium door complete with aluminium joinery is absolutely your best bet. A lightweight yet strong material, it will keep unwanted ‘visitors’ out while making sure pets and children are safely inside.


Aluminium doors are superior to timber in many ways: they won’t shrink or swell, warp or splinter, rot or leak. No matter what Tauranga’s coastal environment throws at it – from thunderstorms to strong UV rays – your door will stand the test of time. If you don’t want to be replacing your front door in a hurry, go with aluminium: i’s a long-lasting material that requires little maintenance.


We’re all looking for ways to make our lives a little bit more eco-friendly and opting for aluminium when it comes to joinery and doors is one thing you can do. Aluminium is resilient and can last up to 30 years. And, as an added bonus, when you are eventually ready for a new door, aluminium is a recyclable material, making it a sustainable choice.


One of the very best features of an aluminium door is its natural ability to keep air inside your home. Timber front doors are a notorious for letting air in and out, making houses cold and draughty in winter or hot and stuffy in summer. Aluminium joinery uses Thermal Break technology, acting as a bodyguard for air transfer and keeping your house comfy and your power bill down.


Your front door can make a big impression on visitors and passers-by – choose one that suits your home’s unique personality. Aluminium lends your front door an impressive and bold look. It comes in a variety of styles and its sleek powder-coated finish is available in many different colours. You can even choose a timber-look finish to get the benefits of aluminium with the aesthetic of wood. Aluminium doors are so versatile they can suit minimalists and traditionalists alike.

If you’re keen to pair an aluminium door with superior aluminium joinery, speak to the experts at Omega BOP today.