7 Reasons Homeowners Love Sliding Windows and Doors

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March 29, 2023

In Tauranga and across the BOP, sliding windows and doors are becoming increasingly popular, and for good reason. With their stylish aesthetic and versatile design, they bring a never-ending list of benefits, ticking many boxes for modern-day homeowners.

When quizzed about their love of Omega BOP’s sliding windows and doors, these are the seven biggest benefits our customers kept coming back to.

Natural ventilation and sunlight

There’s no greater feeling that letting fresh air and natural sunlight stream into your home. Sliding windows and doors are designed to maximise this effect, inviting the natural elements of air and light into your house, bringing natural ventilation and brightness that is no match for an air conditioner or lamp.

Sliding doors let you connect with nature

Sliding doors create a seamless transition between inside and out, allowing homeowners to feel like their backyard is simply an additional room of the house. Plus, the floor-to-ceiling glass enhances the view of your yard, connecting you with nature even on a cold or rainy day when you otherwise wouldn’t venture outside.

Their space-saving design

It seems homeowners in Tauranga have no room to waste! The ability to slide across rather than opening outwards is a much-loved asset of sliding windows and doors. Saving space is especially important in smaller houses, cramped rooms, or narrow walkways.

Easy to use windows and doors

Sliding windows and doors are easy to use and require little in the way of maintenance. They don’t have hinges that can wear out or other moving parts that might become damaged, making them an easy and long-lasting window and door option.

Energy efficiency

By choosing high-quality sliding windows and doors with double glazed glass and aluminium joinery, your house will be comfortable year-round while your power bills are slashed.

Heightened security

Despite their inviting look, sliding windows and doors can be fitted with modern security features to deter burglars and protect your home. This can include multi-point locking systems, anti-lift devices, and toughened glass.

Stylish doors and windows

Sliding doors and windows add elegance to any home, their sleek design complementing a range of architectural styles while their versatility allows them to suit any homeowner’s unique aesthetic.

Keen to get sliding windows and doors at your home?

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