Aluminium or Timber Joinery - Which is Better?

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October 4, 2022

When deciding what joinery material to choose you’ll likely be looking at timber and aluminium. There are pros and cons of both, and both are excellent choices, though due to the vast range of benefits we believe aluminium comes out on top. Read on and find out why.

Advantages of aluminium joinery

● Aluminium is incredibly strong and rigid and keeps its shape even when exposed to extreme conditions

● Thanks to thermal break technology, aluminium can insulate homes very well

● Because it’s such a strong material, it can be made thinner than other types of material meaning that there is a larger space available for windows

● Aluminium is fully recyclable, so is a great environmentally friendly option

● There’s an incredible choice of colours, finishes and looks that can be applied to aluminium

Advantages of timber joinery  

● As timber is a traditional material, it can be a preferred choice for period properties

● Timber provides a more “natural” look

● Wood is an energy-efficient material

Is aluminium or timber joinery better?

When it comes to making the choice for your joinery, it often comes down to aesthetic preference and cost. Aluminium is significantly lower in cost than timber and offers all of the same benefits and more. They are cheaper to buy, install and are very low maintenance. Aluminium is the preferred choice for many for modern homes, as the sleek, versatile, minimal look fits into the overall aesthetic. Meanwhile, timber tends to be the preferred choice for historic or period properties.

Who’s the winner?

A case can be made for both, and when you look at it objectively, both timer and aluminium each have their advantages and disadvantages.

● Timber joinery is aesthetically pleasing, but aluminium with its vast array of finishing options is too

● Aluminium is a cheaper option, and as long as you choose aluminium joinery that is thermally insulated, it offers the same level of insulation benefits also

● If you want the timber look, you can also select a timber-look finish on aluminium

Choose the type of material that will best suit your home, and if you choose high-quality joinery, you can’t go wrong. Aluminium, while the modern building material, has been used for many years in the building sector, since the 1970s. Previously they came at a slight disadvantage as they didn’t have the same level of thermal performance, but due to advancements in technology, efficient thermal breaks are now included on all good quality aluminium joinery.

Want to find out more if aluminium is the right choice for your property? With over 45 years in the construction industry, Omega BOP offers the perfect joinery solution in the Bay of Plenty - contact us today.