Best Means to Ensuring a Dry House this Winter

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October 4, 2022

While winter brings a lot of nice things – like warming soups and cosy sweaters – it also tends to go hand-in-hand with cold weather and damp houses. Unfortunately, excessive moisture and streaky windows are a reality for many Bay of Plenty homes. If you’re concerned about the moisture content and health of your home this winter, these tips will help.

Tricks around the house

There are some small things you can do to limit moisture indoors at no big expense. Opening windows for natural ventilation, using the extractor fan when cooking and using the clothesline or a vented dryer will all help limit the moisture content inside. Also, having underfloor heating under your carpet or hard flooring if the budget stretches far enough. In the bathroom, a major contributor to moisture, trying using the fan, closing the door during your shower, using a bathmat and changing wet towels regularly. You could also talk to a plumber in Mt Maunganui to see what he or she recommends.

But serious issues with moisture and condensation require a bigger fix and a close examination of your windows and doors.

Double glazed windows

By adding an additional layer of glass and an air-filled cavity to your windows, the glass surface inside your house stays warmer and the chances of condensation forming is limited. Double glazing essentially enhances the insulation of your windows, preventing the escape of warm air and limiting condensation.

Aluminium joinery

Double glazing goes a long way towards reducing moisture content but works even better when paired with aluminium joinery. Quality joinery reduces heat transfer across your windows and door frames by up to 60 percent. This significant change both helps your house stay warm and dry and limits condensation on your windows.

Thermal window frames

Thermal treated windows go a step further than double glazing and aluminium joinery alone, preventing heat from getting through the window frame. Unique to NZ, our thermal-break technology acts as an advanced barrier, preventing the cold from getting near your internal warmth. If you’re serious about combating condensation, thermal windows are your best bet, limiting moisture accumulation as much as possible.


Good ventilation inside your house will allow moisture to find its way outside without building up indoors. Ventilation can be as simple as opening windows, or as complex as a mechanical ventilation system that draws moisture up and releases it efficiently outside.

Your windows and doors play a huge role in your home’s health. For a range of high-quality aluminium windows and doors in the Bay of Plenty, speak to Omega BOP today.