Five Reasons Your Commercial Building Needs High Quality Joinery

commercial joinery tauranga
October 11, 2023

At Omega BOP, we’re well versed in supplying businesses in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, and Papamoa with joinery that fits the bill. When it comes to commercial joinery, you need solutions that tick all the boxes: it needs to look good and stand up to regular use. You want windows and doors that keep your staff safe and your customers comfortable. Here’s why quality is the only option for your commercial joinery solutions.

The power of aesthetics

In the glossy Instagram age, aesthetics have never been more important. People notice faded, chipped or shabby joinery. On the other hand, sleek aluminium, modern handles, and an attractive powder-coated finish certainly stand out. Doors and windows play a huge role in your commercial business’s first impression and they affect how people see your space. Take care of your building and your customers will feel taken care of, too.

Keep your building safe

High quality commercial joinery solutions set the stage for a safe place to work, shop, or eat. Because aluminium is strong yet lightweight, doors and windows are both secure and easy to open. The durability of quality joinery means it can stand up to regular use, which deters opportunistic thieves looking to take advantage of a broken handle or latch.

If you are concerned about your existing commercial building or looking for a commercial construction company to talk to about replacing your building, be sure to talk to The Longview Group.

Quality commercial joinery provides comfort and efficiency

Omega BOP’s commercial joinery solutions are designed to create comfortable spaces. In an insulated building, windows and doors are the main source of heat transfer – but with our thermal break technology, we can reduce heat loss by up to 60 percent.

This means people inside your workplace, shop, or restaurant will be comfortably cool in summer and warm in winter. And when people are comfortable, employees work more efficiently, and customers stay for longer – and spend more.

Reflect your business’s personality

A company’s culture and identity are an important part of the business – and reflecting your unique personality begins outside. Are you a luxury spa, a rustic restaurant, or a modern office? Did you install sliding doors to suit a modern space, or have you opted for casement doors to represent your workplace’s classic values?

Between your signage and your commercial joinery solutions, it’s surprising how much a person will know before even stepping through the door. Just like the interior décor, quality joinery helps promote a positive customer or client experience.

Commercial joinery built to purpose

Every project has a purpose, and the commercial joinery specialists at Omega BOP make a point of finding it. Whether you want to enhance natural light with bifold doors, improve ventilation with sliding windows, or withstand the climate of the coastal Bay of Plenty with powder-coated aluminium, (or a combination off all that and more) – you can rest assured our quality aluminium joinery will exceed all your commercial building’s needs.

For top quality commercial joinery in Tauranga, Mt Maunganui or Papamoa, speak to the team at Omega BOP today.