Five Reasons Your Windows and Doors Should be NZ-Made

aluminium joinery tauranga
October 4, 2022

At Omega BOP, we make our windows and doors right here in the Bay of Plenty. By being a truly local company with a local product, we are able to deliver for Kiwis, offering a product you can trust that suits our climate and is gentle on the planet. Here are five reasons Tauranga households benefit from locally made windows and doors.

We have pretty unique weather

NZ has some demanding and changeable weather conditions to contend with. While Tauranga and Mt Maunganui don’t see the sub-zero weather of some other parts of the world, we do have our challenges. We live in a coastal and humid climate with our fair share of wind, rain and moisture, as well as strong UV rays in summer. All of this needs to be taken into account when designing and fitting windows and doors – including sliding, Bifolds and French doors – that work for us and stand the test of time.

We also have to make sure that our aluminium windows and doors are keeping Kiwis warm. The flip side to having relatively mild winters is that our houses are not historically designed for the cold. The role of preventing heat loss falls largely to our windows, which is why Omega BOP uses the innovative Thermal Break technology which acts like a barrier keeping you warm.

Quality joinery you can trust

When your product is being made in your own backyard, it’s much easier to keep a close eye on ensuring the quality is consistently of the highest possible standard. We want aluminium joinery made by experienced fabricators and designed with accurate engineering. We want to install windows and doors to the perfect fit. And we want to contribute to energy efficient homes. By having our aluminium joinery made right here in Tauranga, we can make sure these boxes are all being ticked.

Improved sustainability

Sustainability matters to us, and our efforts had allowed us to reach a carbon footprint 90 percent better than the global average. Part of being environmentally-friendly is working locally, saving the energy and emissions it takes to source, manufacture and ship products from all over the world.

Window and door style that suits

While our windows and doors are made locally, we always keep an eye on the trends, innovations and styles from around the world. We blend our quality NZ-made aluminium joinery with the contemporary designs of our European counterparts, letting Kiwis keep up with the latest and greatest international developments while still suiting our climate. We have plenty of joinery styles to choose from to perfectly suit your home, whether you’re after a bespoke look or a traditional one.

The best customer service

By being a local company every step of the way, we are able to offer excellent customer service and continued care for all our customers. We focus on offering a personalised experience and having local fabricators allows us to deliver a quality project on time.

If you’re looking for quality, locally-made windows and doors for your Tauranga or Bay of Plenty home, get in touch with Omega BOP.