Getting the Right Solution for Your Commercial Joinery Needs

November 25, 2021

At Omega BOP we understand that every project requires a different approach, and when we sell you aluminium doors and windows we do it from a standpoint of extensive experience and specialist knowledge. We have been serving the Tauranga, Mt Maunganui, and Papamoa areas for a good while now, so we understand what our customers need.

Check Out Our Commercial Series

When it comes to a commercial project, whether it’s hotels, a school, or a cafe, there are specific requirements that we can address with you when you are planning your aluminium joinery install. Choosing aluminium doors and windows is going to put you ahead of the game to start with, and when it comes to durability our Commercial Series has you covered.

Form And Function

High-use areas like your entranceway door are going to need to be extra tough and functional, however, they still need to look good. At Omega BOP when we sit down with you to discuss your commercial project we address both form and function, and we can specifically design a suite of commercial aluminium doors and windows that will please the eye, and ensure that your build stands the test of time.

Curtain Wall Systems

For instance, at Omega BOP our designers and technicians can draw up plans for your curtain wall system, these systems date back to the 1930’s when aluminium first came into use outside of the military, and their functionality is still relevant today for your commercial project. If you utilise a curtain wall system, you get a freestanding aluminium framed wall that is infilled with various options such as metal panels or thin stone or glass, the curtain wall is attached to the structure without bearing the roof load or the floor load.

Protect Your Assets

A curtain wall system for your commercial project has the advantage of providing extra protection against the elements, they keep out moisture, and provide an extra buffer against the harsh coastal winds that your commercial aluminium joinery will be subject to in the Bay of Plenty area. If you choose a glass infill you still get great natural light and it is also going to be less harsh, this means your furnishings will be less subject to UV damage and your team will deal with less glare.

Comfort and Cost Savings

In addition, a curtain wall system for your commercial build provides more energy efficiency, you can keep the heat in over the winter months and experience a cooler environment during the summertime - and in Tauranga, Papamoa, and Mt Maunganui, this can address a primary concern for comfort - for your customers and your staff.

Get in touch with Omega BOP today, we have the insider knowledge you need for all your commercial aluminium joinery needs.