How to get the most from your aluminium joinery

Aluminium Joinery Tauranga
October 4, 2022

If you’ve made the wise decision to opt for aluminium joinery - congratulations! You won’t be disappointed and will reap the endless benefits such as reducing energy usage, saving costs long term, supporting the environment with this recyclable material, and having it last the distance. Read on and find out how to get the most from your aluminium joinery.

How long will aluminium joinery last?  

One of the key reasons people choose aluminium is that it is extremely strong and resilient, lasting for decades. It can last up to 30 years in great condition and can handle all weather conditions. Aluminium framing is considered to be the strongest, most durable and longest lasting material in modern housing design. It’s unaffected by UV rays, and will not rot, rust or bend, it’s also fireproof, offering added safety.

Simple maintenance

The great thing about aluminium joinery is that little maintenance is required. To get the most out of it there’s actually very little you need to do. It’s virtually maintenance-free in most cases, requiring only standard cleaning to keep it looking it’s best. Intermittent cleaning is recommended every few months and perhaps some additional oiling if it’s required over time. No special chemicals, treatments or techniques are required, which makes aluminium frames extremely easy to maintain over their lifetime.

Speciality coatings

For most, nothing additional needs to be added or any special maintenance required. Any aluminium windows or doors installed in a marine environment can have a marine-grade coating applied to further protect the metal frames from the seaside elements. This isn’t always required, but an aluminium specialist can guide you.

Thermal break technology

At Omega BOP, Omega Thermal Break technology is unique to this part of the world and is developed in New Zealand using advanced European Technology. This technology is positioned on the outside of the joinery which means the cold doesn’t have a chance to get near the warmth inside. It acts as a “barrier” which results in advanced thermal performance. Aluminium and thermal break technology is the ideal material for damp environments or where a building might receive high exposure to the sun and it won’t expand or deform over time.

Long-lasting colour and finish

Any quality range of aluminium windows and doors offer a sleek powder coat finish which makes they never need to get painted as the finish offers longevity. Overall - there’s very little you need to do to get the most of your aluminium joinery, as the material itself does the job for you.

Contact Omega BOP today and our experts will guide you to choose the best joinery for your project.