Make Your Home More Energy Efficient with Aluminium Joinery

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January 16, 2023

Whether you are motivated by creating less energy waste or simply want to save money on your power bill, we’d all like to use less energy to heat our homes. Windows and doors can make or break your home’s energy efficiency and joinery plays a big role in whether your house will keep warmth in or let it escape.

If you want a warmer, more energy efficient home, speak to the aluminium window and door specialists at Omega BOP.

Why you want energy efficient windows and doors

As most design architects in Tauranga will tell you, a huge amount of heat can be lost through windows and doorways and, unfortunately, this is often the case with older NZ homes. When heat escapes, you feel colder inside and spend far money energy – and money – trying to warm the place up.

Energy efficient windows and doors, on the other hand, minimise heat loss, making it easier to heat the indoor space and keep that warmth inside.

The timber-aluminium debate

Strictly speaking, timber is the more energy efficient material. The problem with wooden joinery is that it’s not very durable and needs a lot of maintenance. It doesn’t take long – especially in the wet, windy, coastal Bay of Plenty – for timber to swell and warp, letting in a draught and allowing warm air to escape.

While aluminium itself isn’t as efficient, it is very durable and isn’t affected by the weather. Modern, quality aluminium joinery is high-performance and low maintenance – especially when fitted with thermal break technology.

Thermal break technology

To get the most out of your joinery, our thermal break technology will drastically improve the energy efficiency of any property. Thermal windows have an insulated barrier within the window frame which stops heat loss by up to 60 percent. It’s a no brainer for energy efficient homes.

Enhance the effect

Up the ante on your home’s energy efficiency by pairing thermal break aluminium joinery with other features, such as:

Double glazing – using two properly-spaced panes of glass in your windows makes a remarkable difference.

Insulation – sufficient insulation is an important part of keeping warm air inside your house and reducing energy loss in the kitchen, living area, bedroom or bathroom.

Window orientation – if you’re building a new house, clever design will consider the house’s orientation on the section and place aluminium windows where they can maximise the sun’s ability to naturally warm your home.

Looking for an energy efficient home in the Bay of Plenty?

If you want the most energy efficient home on the block, your residential windows and doors need to be on your side. Speak to Omega BOP, the Bay’s leaders in aluminium joinery.