Omega Certifications and Standards a Mark of Trust

omega windows and door certifications and standards
September 27, 2023

In today's market, discerning consumers seek products that seamlessly integrate quality with sustainability. At Omega Bay of Plenty, we are proud to exemplify this through our meticulous focus on delivering premium aluminium windows and doors. Our dedication to maintaining high industry standards and certifications is a testament to our commitment to our customers and the environment.

Rich Heritage of Quality and Expertise

OMEGA is an esteemed brand under the umbrella of McKechnie Aluminium Solutions Limited. With McKechnie’s rich legacy of over half a century in aluminium extrusion, we derive a profound expertise in the domain. This extensive know-how, combined with cutting-edge European design, ensures our products are aesthetically appealing and resilient, particularly attuned to New Zealand’s challenging weather conditions.

Our modus operandi is underpinned by offering a bespoke experience to our clients. Our emphasis is profoundly embedded in adhering to set time frames and ensuring a premium finish to all our joinery, signifying our unmatched quality standards.

Commitment to Sustainability

What sets OMEGA and McKechnie Aluminium apart in the market is our unparalleled dedication to sustainability. We are the only aluminium extrusion entity in New Zealand boasting of a remelt facility, dedicatedly repurposing aluminium. This novel initiative ensures the retention of the intrinsic properties of aluminium. Additionally, our operations have received third-party environmental certifications, underscoring our products' high recycled content and subsequently, their minimal carbon footprint.

CEMARS® Product Certification - Sustainably Leading the Industry

We are proud to spotlight our remarkable achievement of obtaining a carbon footprint that stands at a mere 1.21kg of CO2e per Kg of Aluminium on a Scope 1 and 2 basis. This footprint is a staggering 90% better than the global average. Such an accomplishment makes OMEGA by McKechnie® the pioneering NZ Aluminium joinery manufacturer to be third-party CEMARS® product certified by the esteemed Enviro-Mark Solutions Ltd.

Certification & Standards

An Integral Part of WGANZ

OMEGA is a privileged member of the Window & Glass Association of New Zealand (WGANZ). WGANZ is committed to upholding the zenith of industry quality and performance. Adherence to this ethos ensures that windows and doors, along with their integral components produced by WGANZ members, are in strict compliance with mandatory standards. WGANZ's illustrious history is punctuated with milestones such as the formulation of state-of-the-art window performance criteria and the assimilation of international standards.

Our products proudly bear the mark of international quality measurement standard ISO 14001 and boast the revered Diamond certified status from Enviro-Mark. We take immense pride in stating that our offerings undergo rigorous testing in conformity with New Zealand Standards at the IANZ Accredited testing facility, which undergoes independent accreditation and yearly audits.

At Omega Bay of Plenty, our certifications and standards aren't just badges of honour; they symbolise our unwavering commitment to quality, sustainability, and the trust that our clients bestow upon us.