Six Different Aluminium Doors and When to Use Them

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October 4, 2022

While doors might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are renovating, they make an awfully big difference to the look, feel and functioning of your home. From hinged to French doors, ranch sliders to bifolds, choosing the most appropriate door for a given space is no small feat. That’s why we are diving into six different door styles, when to use them, and why aluminium joinery is always your best bet.

Hinged doors

The traditional door and probably the first to come to mind is the hinged door. Hinged on one side, these doors can open into or out of a room and are found all over NZ in homes and workplaces alike. Often used for front doors and perfect for small openings, garages and laundries, it’s pretty hard to find a home that doesn’t have a hinged door somewhere.

Entrance doors

A variation on the hinged door, entrance doors are usually hinged on one side but also feature an adjacent glass panel, adding both a window for viewing as well as some character to the front of your home.

French doors

Two hinged doors set next to each other bring beauty and ease to your home. French doors are easy to open and give you the option of widening the entrance space by opening both doors at the same time. Stylish and functional, classic and classy, French doors are excellent when used internally between rooms and are popular for rooms that lead outside.

Ranch sliders

A favourite among Kiwi homes, ranch sliders are horizontal sliding doors that open along a track, often used to create excellent indoor-outdoor flow between a living space and the deck or yard. They let in an abundance of fresh air and sunlight, and when paired with aluminium windows, they can create a beautiful and airy lounge, dining room or kitchen. They can even work wonders in a bedroom that opens up into the backyard.

Bifold doors

Bifold doors open a bit like an accordion with panels that fold in on each other to create a wide opening perfect for the transition between indoors and out. Bifold doors work well in the same rooms as ranch sliders, it’s just a question of what style you are after.

Customised doors

Even with all these standard door options at your disposal, there’s still plenty of homes and commercial spaces that require customised doors. Customised doors are the answer if you have an unusual size, an uncommon configuration or you simply want a bespoke look.

Using aluminium for your doors

Likely, your home will include a variety of different door styles, and whatever combination you require, aluminium joinery is the best option for all your window and door needs. Aluminium is easy to maintain and offers a modern aesthetic. It’s sustainable, durable and long lasting. Plus, aluminium joinery on windows and doors is energy efficient and cost-effective.

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