Six Window and Door Design Tips When Building a New Home

aluminium windows and doors
November 2, 2022

Your windows and doors play a major role in the aesthetic of your home. If you’re building a new house, everything from size to appearance to placement will affect the building’s look and style. To help you get it right, the specialists at Omega BOP are sharing our top six design tips for windows and doors for new builds.

1. Choose an overarching architectural style

Consistency is vital to the overall look of your home once it’s completed. There are many competing styles that all look great, from modern and minimal to quirky and outside-the-box. To avoid a piecemeal property, settle on one architectural style and select windows and doors that work within the context. You can do this by connecting with one of the highly reputable architects in Tauranga or the Bay of Plenty.

2. Take care with colours

Consider the colour of your aluminium joinery carefully. While trends come and go, you want your windows and doors to stand the test of time and continue to look good in the decades to come. While we aren’t opposed to feature items, we usually recommend selecting classic, neutral colours, like white or black, grey or brown, for joinery that won’t date.

3. Strategic placement

Positioning your aluminium windows and doors well within your home will greatly enhance both the external aesthetic and internal comfort. By placing windows strategically, you can take advantage of views, offer privacy and maximise the sun’s warming and brightening effect. Remember that north-facing windows get the most sunlight, so putting larger windows on these walls will help with warmth in winter.

4. The right window for each room

Each room within your home has particular needs and it can often feel like a balancing act between letting in sunlight while keeping your indoor space private and cosy. Smaller windows are appropriate for bathrooms where privacy is a concern, while expansive windows work wonders in public living spaces, like the lounge or dining room. Bay windows are a great way to add a cosy reading nook to a bedroom or extra bench space to a kitchen.

5. Ditto for doors

When it comes to doors, fewer hard and fast rules gives you more freedom to choose a style that suits your personal preference. While standard single or double doors are usually best at the entrance, we encourage selecting lounge, dining or bedroom doors that create indoor-outdoor flow by opening seamlessly up onto your backyard. Have your pick of sliding doors, French doors or bifolds, just remember that these are areas where heat can escape, so opt for Thermal Break aluminium joinery.

6. Choosing the right joinery material

With its sleek and minimal appearance, aluminium brings class to your doors and windows. Offering style, affordability and energy efficiency, it’s the obvious material of choice for new builds. Make sure to choose an experienced company that offers high-quality aluminium.

Building a new property?

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