There’s No Turning Back Once You Experience Aluminium Joinery

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November 2, 2022

Once you’ve experienced living or working in a space with aluminium joinery, you’re converted for life. Aluminium really took off as a joinery material for NZ houses in the 1970s, and innovations and modernisations over the years have only made it more popular.

Omega BOP supplies and installs aluminium window and door systems throughout the Bay of Plenty – here are our top six reasons why aluminium joinery cannot be beat.

Aluminium joinery is long lasting

Unlike timber, aluminium joinery will not warp, shrink, swell or rot over time, even when exposed to the Bay of Plenty’s wild coastal climate. While wind, rain and salty sea air will affect timber, they are no match for aluminium which is not only durable but resistant to both water and corrosion too. Without a doubt, aluminium joinery will stand the test of time.

Little maintenance required

If you’ve ever renovated a house with wooden joinery, you’ll appreciate the challenges of maintaining timber. Due to aluminium’s durability, there’s essentially no maintenance needed, so you won’t be stripping back paint and sanding wood until your hands are raw.

It keeps you warm

In a country of famously cold houses, aluminium joinery can help keep you warm – so long as it is fitted with Thermal Break technology. Thermal Break windows and doors keep warm air inside and cold air out. This innovative technology is an excellent barrier to the elements outside, reducing the transfer of heat by up to 60 percent.

It’s stylish, too

If you’re undertaking a new build or retro-fitting an older one, aluminium joinery is attractive and versatile. Our residential aluminium windows and doors come in a variety of colours and styles to suit your house’s aesthetic so whether you opt for classic or modern, you can find a look that you love.  

An affordable aluminium joinery option

Surprisingly to some, installing quality aluminium joinery in windows and doors is often less expensive than timber, which is definitely good to know if you are building a new property. If you plan to replace existing timber with aluminium, this will come at a cost, but when comparing apples to apples, aluminium is a competitive option.

Protecting the planet

Abundant and easily recycled, aluminium is one of the world’s most eco-friendly building materials. Aluminium can be recycled over and over again while retaining its trademark properties of strength and lightweight durability.

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