What to Consider When Replacing Your Doors and Windows

Aluminium windows and doors
October 4, 2022

Replacing windows and doors is a big decision that affects your home’s appearance, comfort and value. If it’s time to replace the joinery at your house, you may feel overwhelmed at where to start and who to contact first. If that sounds like you, here are six things to consider at the outset of your windows and doors project.

Do a window and door audit

Walk through your house and make a list of all everything you plan to replace. There may be entrance ways and French doors, bi-fold windows and awnings. You may only need some windows replaced, or it may be time to update all the windows and doors. By doing a thorough stocktake, you’ll have a better understanding of the scale of your project.

Go for durability and low maintenance

Selecting joinery that is durable and easy to care for will mean that your windows and doors have a long life ahead of them. Unlike timber which splits, warps and rots, aluminium is a sturdy and robust material, even in the face of the wet and windy climate in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty. By choosing aluminium joinery, you won’t be replacing your windows again in a hurry, nor will you have to frequently sand and repaint the joinery to keep it up to scratch.

Don’t sacrifice style

The quality of your joinery will strong affect its functionality, but that doesn’t have to come at the cost of style. You want your windows to be attractive, suiting your interior décor as well as looking attractive from the street. Work with a joinery supplier who can offer you plenty of options when it comes to finding your favourite styles, colours and finishes.

Windows for the future

Today more than ever before, sustainability should be a consideration for any tradesperson working on your home, and this is true of your windows too. Choose sustainable materials where possible – like opting for aluminium joinery or timber – and work with a window and door supplier committed to sustainable practices which will limit your house’s impact on the environment.

Select your glass and hardware

Do you want double glazed glass to go with your new aluminium joinery? What about hardware – have you considered what you want your door handles, locks and fasteners to look like? While these may seem like small details, they are necessary both for the security and aesthetic of your home.

Choose an experienced window and door supplier

Work with a team that has extensive experience in the construction industry. Find a company that offers professionalism, friendly customer service, a reasonable price and most of all, a great installation of a quality product.

Looking for a company in Tauranga and the Bay of Plenty that ticks all these boxes? With over 45 years’ combined experience, the team at Omega BOP knows aluminium joinery inside and out – get in touch today.