When You Know It’s Time to Upgrade to Aluminium Windows

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November 2, 2022

A brief glance around your house quickly proves how valuable windows can be. They bring sunshine in, let you view the outdoors and play a huge role in your home’s aesthetic. But, for many homes in NZ, windows are also a source of great frustration, letting warm air escape through saggy, rotten wood.

If this sounds like you, read on: it might be time to switch to aluminium joinery. And if you find yourself nodding along through this list, get in touch with the window and door specialists at Omega BOP.

1. They look soft, saggy or rotten

If you’re timber window frames are starting to sag, paint chips are flaking, or they look rotten and soft, it’s time for an upgrade. All of these visual clues point to sustained water damage and the need for intensive repairs. If you can tell just by looking at your windows that they aren’t in great shape, aluminium joinery will not only fix these issues now, but prevent them from coming back.

2. They’re hard to open and close

It shouldn’t be a challenge to open or close your windows. Timber window frames swell and shift, warp and shrink, which eventually affects their use and makes opening and closing them difficult. You could repair the timber, but over time it will happen again – that’s the nature of wood. If you want to stop this from happening in the long term, replacing the joinery with durable, strong and weather-resistant aluminium is your best option.

3. You’re always cold

If you are sick of feeling cold inside your house all winter long, aluminium windows and doors are a worthy investment. When fitted with Thermal Break technology, aluminium joinery helps keep your house warm by creating a barrier that reduces heat transfer by up to 60 percent. This means warm air from your fireplace or heat pump will stay inside your house rather than easily escaping through your windows.

4. Your power bill is too high

Another sign that your windows are letting the heat out is high electricity bills. Using heat pumps or electric heaters to warm or cool your home is only as effective as your windows and doors. If the warm air can easily find its way out, your heater is going to be working double time trying to keep the room up to temperature. If there’s nothing else to explain high electricity bills, it might be time to turn your attention to your windows.

5. You want a more modern home

Aluminium joinery is a stylish choice for windows and doors, giving old and dated homes a modern makeover. Whether it’s in combination with the desire for a more comfortable house or wanting to increase the value of your property, upgrading to aluminium joinery is never a bad investment.

6. You’re sick of repairing your window frames

Scraping, sanding and repainting joinery every few years is frustrating, expensive and time consuming. If you’ve lived in an old home for many years, you may have come to the end of your teether with your timber windows. If this sounds like you, retrofitting aluminium in their place is the answer you’ve been searching for.

Time for aluminium joinery?

If this list of warning signs rings true for you, give Omega BOP a ring and we’ll have a chat about upgrading to aluminium joinery.