Windows and Doors to Achieve Great Indoor-Outdoor Flow

aluminium windows and doors
October 4, 2022

Summer’s just around the corner, and if there’s one thing Kiwis love about the warmer months, it’s spending time outdoors as much as possible. We’re blessed with beautiful beaches in the BOP, but there’s nothing quite like enjoying the sunshine and fresh air from the comfort of your own home. If you’re starting to look ahead to summer, these three window and door ideas can help you achieve excellent indoor-outdoor flow at home.

Sliding doors

Open your sliding doors and suddenly you have seamless access to your beautiful backyard. Modern sliding doors come with quality aluminium joinery that is durable and easy to open. They also offer flush tracks that are level to the floor, so tripping your way outside won’t be a problem.

One of the big benefits of sliding doors is that you can crack the door just a little bit, letting fresh air into the house without allowing gusty winds to overtake the lounge. This is handy in high winds when you want a slight breeze without being blown away, and their ability to be only partially open makes them useful year-round.

Even when sliding doors are shut, their floor-to-ceiling glass gives you a beautiful view of your garden, bringing nature and calm into your home. Sliding doors are versatile and economical, and there’s no doubt that they tick all the boxes when it comes to indoor-outdoor flow.

Bifold doors

Another popular option, bifold doors open up like an accordion to create dramatic and complete access from inside to out. For those bluebird summer days, there’s really nothing like a bifold door with aluminium joinery, blurring the lines between lounge and patio.

When the bifold doors are closed, the aluminium joinery between glass panels is more visible than with sliding doors. This can be a pro or a con, depending on your style preference. While the sliding doors offer a more unobstructed view of the outdoors, the aluminium in a bifold are striking, modern and attractive, bringing elegance and style to your home.

Kitchen sliding windows

Doors aren’t the only way to connect your indoor and outdoor spaces. If you have an outdoor kitchen, a sliding window over a benchtop can link your kitchen and deck area in a beautiful way. Guests can sit outside at the bench while the family cook gets company, a nice view and a fresh breeze. With its bespoke resort-like aesthetic, a kitchen sliding window with aluminium joinery is sure to give your house that added wow factor.

Are you looking ahead to summer and keen to improve the indoor-outdoor flow at your Tauranga or Bay of Plenty home? If so, get in touch with the window and door specialists at Omega BOP.